Volunteer Eligibility

What are the general requirements to be a volunteer?

We welcome student members and chaperones regardless of their race, economic status, sexual orientation, religion, or any other identity point.

Student Requirements:

  • At least 15 years old in June 2019
  • Currently high school students in the 10th grade or above
  • From or attending school in Eastern Kentucky/Appalachia
  • In good standing academically and behaviorally

Adult Requirements

  • Adult chaperones and volunteers must be current educators, working in or from Eastern Kentucky/Appalachia.

What about 9th graders?

9th grade students will not be allowed to apply for the 2019 Service Trip to Puerto Rico. Freshman year is a really challenging transition for students academically, socially and emotionally. We want our students to focus on making that transition first before attending one of our trips. 9th grade students are invited to take part in pre-trip fundraising and community organizing efforts to begin to build the skills to be a strong volunteer in the future, and impact the communities we will be working with this summer.

Are parents or other family members allowed to attend?

Unfortunately, no. We appreciate that you want to travel and volunteer as a family, but unfortunately the focus and vision for our trips are centered around youth leadership development, and don’t feel it is appropriate to have adult family members on the trips with us as a result. We’re happy to provide resources to other organizations that cater to family volunteering and traveling if you’re interested though!

I’ve previously attended an AGSC trip and I’m over 18, can I apply?

Yes! We’d love to have alumni volunteers travel with us to Puerto Rico and act as leaders within our group. Please contact Steph or Alix to talk further about your specific requirements!

Are there any health requirements?

Both student volunteers and chaperones should note that some trip activities are physically strenuous, and traveling abroad is mentally and emotionally straining. Please consult with your doctor before making the decision to travel abroad.