How much does the trip cost?

The total cost of the trip is $1,550

What is included in the trip cost?

  • Round trip, international airfare
  • Lodging for 8 days and 7 nights
  • All meals while in Puerto Rico
  • All in country transportation in Puerto Rico
  • A full time volunteer coordinator in Puerto Rico
  • All volunteer project materials
  • Liability insurance (health, travel, emergency, etc…)
  • Educational and recreational activities
  • Access to clean safe drinking water

What is not included in the trip cost?

  • Money for souvenirs or gifts
  • Checked baggage fee for flights (if you decide to check a bag)
  • Food & snacks in airport and during flights
  • Any necessary medications or vaccines recommended by your primary care physician for travel)

What kind of financial support or scholarships are available?

As an organization, we do not provide financial aid or scholarships. However, we do not want any student to not attend one of our trips because of financial concerns. All trip participants are required to fundraise a minimum of $500. As such, we support all students in developing strong fundraisers, and leveraging their community. On average, our trip participants fundraise about $1,000 of their trip cost. Many students raise their entire trip cost, it can be done!

Throughout the year, we also keep our eyes and ears open for scholarship and grant opportunities from outside organizations. When those opportunities arise, we share them with students so that they can apply.

If you are concerned about finances, and that is something that may prevent you from applying, please reach out to steph at